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Welcome to RESTORE!

We are so happy that you are taking this time to invest in your marriage! My Name is Patrick and along with my wife, Sarah, we will be leading you through this process.


A little bit about us

Patrick is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the Southeast and has been a professional counselor since 2008. He has worked with adults, teens, and many married couples.  Patrick loves working in the area of Marriage and Family and because of this he continued his studies and received a Masters degree in Marriage and Family from the John Paul II Institute in Valencia, Spain.  Being a pupil of St. John Paul II, his hero, has been one of Patrick's greatest joys. He currently works in the area of Marriage and Family Life for a Catholic diocese, in which he is blessed to help couples prepare for marriage, and to build up families throughout the diocese with different enrichment activities and catechesis. 


Sarah received a Master's Degree in Counseling in 2007 and has worked as a counselor with children, teens and married couples. She has also worked as a teacher and as a writer. She is presently homeschooling their two sons and recently finished her first novel.

Patrick & Sarah are honored to accompany you on this journey of healing and restoration. 

Our goals for you in this process

You may be here for different reasons, after 6 months of marriage or 30 years, but our hope for you in this process is threefold; that this will help you grow personally, relationally, and spiritually. Helping you become a better person, a better spouse, and ultimately the best version of yourself. The Restore program will aim to draw from not only psychology and counseling, but also the wisdom of our Christian faith and traditions.

The Process


Choosing a mentor couple

Happy Senior Couple

Restore is an online, self-led marriage resource that gives you and your spouse the opportunity and the tools necessary to heal and restore your relationship. 

In RESTORE - Part 1 you will begin work on communication basics, rules for conflict, removing roadblocks, building empathy, and more. Some sections may be more pertinent to your relationship than others, however, each section is built so that all couples can gain insights or skills from each section.

Additionally, we know your time is valuable, you are making a commitment to work on your marriage and we want to make sure you get the most for your investment. We try to pack each video with essential information that can be practical and applicable to your marriage. The videos are meant to be concise and engaging, so you and your spouse can easily sit down after the kids are in bed or after dinner and engage in the process for 30 minutes to an hour.  

We highly recommend that you ask a couple that you know—an Aunt and Uncle, a couple from your parish, any couple who you see as a good example of living out their vocation as a Christian married couple, to walk with you in this process. We need encouragement and someone to accompany us on this journey. When we are faced with marital difficulties there may be temptations to become discouraged or despondent, and a mentor couple can help by offering support, prayers, and the encouragement you need to keep working.

(***Mentor Couples are not meant for the Affair Recovery program)

Available Programs

Meant for couples struggling with communication, conflict, disillusionment, etc. 


Meant for couples who are in the initial stages after a discovery or admission of infidelity. 

Additional Resources


A resource website run by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. FYM helps couples at all stages of life to understand and live God’s plan for happy, holy marriages by providing educational and spiritual resources.

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Life-Giving Wounds is a national Catholic apostolate offering support to adult children of divorce to help them heal from the wounds of family breakdown, in order to live more peacefully and joyfully, and embrace their vocation fully. They offer in-person and online retreats and support groups, as well as online and print resources to aid men and women from broken homes on their pathway of healing.

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