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RESTORE - Part 1

Part 1 of our RESTORE program leads couples through essential aspects of relationship improvement, communication, conflict resolution, and other elements of a healthy marriage.

The Process



  • ​​Couples commit to working intentionally and consistently on their marriage.

  • Couples choose a mentor couple to accompany them through this process. (Optional. See more on the about page.)



  • Couples progress through the RESTORE program, learning and practicing the skills as they go.

  • Taking the time to reflect on, respond to, and discuss the questions in the RESTORE journal will build insight and foster open communication.



  • After completion of a program, couples may book a consultation with us to discuss their individualized goals and recommendations for continued growth. (Optional)

  • We are here to accompany you in this process! 

Topics Included

A sneak peek

View the sample video to get a taste of what the content is like. 

Have more questions? View the FAQs below.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Is RESTORE right for us?

RESTORE - Part 1 is designed for couples who are struggling in their marriage with communication difficulties, conflict, emotional disconnection, disillusionment, etc. It is not meant for couples with more significant problems such as severe depression/anxiety, mental health issues, abuse, or addiction.

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