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From a Catholic Perspective

Life and relationships can be challenging! We often find that we can get stuck in negative patterns and ways of interacting with others that leave us feeling frustrated, discouraged, or depressed. But you do not have to feel that way! 


Patrick Metts, LPC, has years of experience working with individuals, couples, and families to help them strengthen and heal their lives and relationships. Patrick seeks to incorporate the best research with the Church’s vision of the beauty and dignity of marriage and family life, to bring you care that is healing and enriching. 


About Patrick

Patrick is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Georgia and has been a professional counselor since 2008. He has worked with adults, teens, and many married couples.  Patrick loves working in the area of Marriage and Family and because of this he continued his studies and received a Masters degree in Marriage and Family from the John Paul II Institute in Valencia, Spain.  

In addition to working in the area of marriage and family for a Catholic diocese, Patrick is also the creator of the RESTORE - Catholic Marriage Resource, an online marriage resource for couples seeking support and healing for their relationship. 

Patrick specializes in couples, individual, and trauma therapy. 


What is offered


Marriage Therapy

Do you feel frustrated or stuck in your relationship with your spouse? Do you find yourself often exasperated and not knowing how to make things better? 

We can help you uncover the barriers, wounds, negative patterns and behaviors in your marriage that prevent you from having the fulfilling and joy-filled marriage that you desire.


Individual Therapy

Often we find that despite our best efforts we are unable to live the life we desire. Wounds from the past, complicated grief, bad habits, negative thinking patterns, and a number of other issues may keep us from becoming the person God has created us to be. 

We can help you break through the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual barriers that you face and help you become the individual you were created to be.

1. Book a Free Consultation

Book a 10 minute phone call with Patrick to discuss if therapy is the right fit for you. 

2. Get a customized treatment plan

Work with Patrick to develop a plan that works for your unique needs and schedule. 

3. Receive continued support
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Schedule regular appointments so that we can continue to work towards your goals. 

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