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Marriage Coaching
From a Catholic Perspective

Do you feel that your marriage could use extra support and help? Do you feel you get stuck in a negative pattern of relating to your spouse? Are you looking for support that is solution focused, skill-based, and spiritually enriching? 

Coaching can help you and your spouse renew the hope in your marriage, restore the love and respect, and learn essential skills that enable you to break free from old patterns.


How is coaching different from counseling? 

Coaching helps identify your goals as a couple and builds a plan to achieve them using a solution-focused approach. Counseling helps identify and address mental health issues, hurts from the past, and emotional healing. While most therapists can provide coaching, coaches can not provide mental health counseling. 

Book a free consultation to see if coaching the right fit for your relationship. 


About Patrick

Patrick has been a professional counselor since 2008 and has worked with many married couples, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to have a vibrant and fulfilling marriage. 

Patrick understands that not all couples need counseling and the deeper individual or relational healing that it can provide, and because of this he loves working with couples as a coach to improve and strengthen their relationship. 


What is offered


Marriage Builder
(6 sessions)

Six online sessions are provided to build and strengthen your relationship. You will begin by taking the online relationship assessment (Enrich) that will provide you and your coach with your personalized results. The Enrich assessment will outline your strength and growth areas as a couple, and work as the basis for building insight into your relationship. 

The six weeks will be spent addressing your specific growth areas as a couple and building the skills and insight needed to achieve the marriage you desire. You will learn to communicate more effectively, resolve conflict without an argument, build empathy, and increase intimacy and connection. 

Cost: $450 (+$35 for Enrich Assessment)

Holding hands

a la carte
(1 Session at a time)

Do you have some questions about how to navigate a certain struggle in your relationship? Do you need some support in one or two areas of your marriage? 

RESTORE - Coaching offers couples the option to purchase one coaching session at a time. 

Book your sessions as you go and as needed for your relationship. Set your goals and objectives for each session and work with your coach to achieve those goals in however many or few sessions you need.

Cost: $95 

1. Book a Free Consultation

Book a 10 minute phone call with Patrick to discuss if coaching is the right fit for you. 

2. Create a Coaching Plan

Work with Patrick to develop a plan that works for your unique needs and schedule. 

3. Receive Continued Support
dylan-ferreira-HJmxky8Fvmo-unsplash (1).jpg

Schedule regular appointments so that we can continue to work towards your goals. 

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