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Affair Recovery -
Triage Care

Triage Care will assist you in responding in the most effective way to the discovery or admission of infidelity in your marriage. Working through the steps provided will help you stabilize your relationship and allow you to begin healing. 

Separate tracks are provided for each spouse

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Betrayed Spouse

Tips and strategies on what to do when you suspect your spouse is having an affair, considerations when confronting your spouse, no contact letter, establishing transparency, and more.

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Wayward Spouse

Leads the wayward spouse through essential aspects of completely breaking off affair, establishing transparency, emotional action steps and stumbling blocks to avoid, and more.

A sneak peek

View the sample video to get a taste of what the content is like.

Have more questions? View the FAQs at the bottom of this page.  

Is RESTORE - Affair Recovery right for us?

This program is designed for couples who have been impacted by infidelity in their marriage and are at the very beginning stages of recovery. It is meant to assist in navigating the days/weeks following discovery or admission of infidelity. 

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