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RESTORE - Parish

The Catholic Parish is a family of families! The parish provides community, encouragement, and nourishment to couples in their married life. RESTORE - Parish brings enrichment and marriage strengthening opportunities to couples at your parish, all while building the connections and support they need to have strong and fulfilling marriages. 

Contact us for more information on how to bring RESTORE to your parish! 


RESTORE - Parish Features

Offered in a multi-week evening format or the traditional weekend retreat format, RESTORE - Parish give couples the opportunity to enrich and strengthen their own marriage within the family of their parish. Small group discussion and couple breakout sessions gives couples the opportunity to reflect, discuss, and practice important skills, all while receiving encouragement and support from their parish community. 


A sneak peak

View the sample video to get a taste of what the content is like. 

Have more questions? View the FAQs below.  


The Marriage Catechumenate

Pope Francis and the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life in 2022 offered a proposal for a shift in the way we go about marriage preparation and the support of married couples in the Church. RESTORE offers Catholic communities a perfect way of supporting and accompanying couples during the third stage of the marriage catechumenate.

Watch the video to find out more! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is RESTORE right for our parish?

RESTORE - Parish is designed to be flexible in the way it is implemented to meet the needs of the parish community. Parish leaders can implement over the course of a short weekend or over 6 weeks. RESTORE - Parish is an easy way of building community all while strengthening

the domestic church!

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