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RESTORE - Part 1


Start your journey here! Build a strong and necessary foundation by learning important tools and insights in this 12-part video series. Meant for couples struggling with conflict, communication, disillusionment, etc. Contents- Introduction - (1 part video series) Introduction to your hosts, Patrick and Sarah, and to the process of RESTORE. Section 1 - Our Disposition (2 part video series) Preparing ourselves for success is an important part of any journey. We will discuss important aspects to consider any time we are seeking personal and relational transformation, and begin to learn skills for successful communication. Section 2 - Communication (3 part video series) Effective and respectful communication is critical to every healthy relationship. We will discuss common communication pitfalls, conflict response, and communication tips.  Section 3 - Removing Roadblocks (2 part video series) A healthy relationship may need to improve in skills and relationship dynamics, but it is also important to remove unhealthy aspects of our lives. Section 4 - A Firm Foundation (3 part video series) We must always seek to build our home on a firm and lasting foundation. This section provides essential information to consider when re-establishing our foundation for our marriage. Conclusion - (1 part video series) Bringing together all you have learned with a firm resolution to continued growth. Participants may purchase the RESTORE journal online at cost of printing, or download/print.



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