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Discover the tools and support you need to have a vibrant and fulfilling marriage. 

What is offered?

RESTORE offers an ever expanding library of programs and services designed to meet couples where they are. 


Are you struggling in your marriage? 

  • Difficulties communicating? 

  • Frequent arguments

  • Emotional disconnection?

  • Limited time for each other? 

  • Loss of trust? 

  • Impacted by infidelity? 

  • Unable to afford weekly counseling?

RESTORE offers the skills and the process necessary to improve and strengthen your relationship.


RESTORE - Part 1 & 2 are designed to heal, strengthen, and grow your relationship. It is designed for couples who struggle with communication, feeling disconnected, disillusionment, or want to enrich and strengthen their relationship. 

RESTORE - Part 1


Start your journey here! Build a strong and necessary foundation by learning important skills and insights in the 12 video series. 

RESTORE - Part 2

Coming Soon! Part II will continue to build off of the tools and skills developed in Part I. 

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

RESTORE - Group 

Join Patrick & Sarah over the course of two consecutive Saturday mornings as you move though the process of healing, strengthening, and enriching your relationship. RESTORE - Group is designed for couples who struggle with communication, feeling disconnected, disillusionment, and would benefit from the added accountability and support that an online group offers.

Next Group: April 20 & May 4, 2024 (Closed) 

Summer group dates coming soon!


RESTORE - Affair Recovery

Has your relationship been impacted by infidelity?

Whether you suspect your spouse is having an affair or if the affair has been discovered or confessed, RESTORE can help couples learn the steps and skills needed to heal and recovery from infidelity. 

Affair Recovery - Triage Care

Begin your journey here. Affair Recovery - Triage Care provides the immediate and necessary steps to stabilize the relationship after discovery of an affair. It will begin the process of healing and recovery. 

Affair Recovery - Advanced Care

Coming Soon!  After completing Affair Recovery - Triage Care, this program will work you through multiple weeks of healing and restoration of your relationship.  


RESTORE - Parish

Bring RESTORE to your parish and help enrich and heal marriages! 

Give couples the opportunity to be intentional about healing and strengthening their marriage. 

RESTORE is flexible in the ways it can be implemented so you can meet the needs of the couples in your parish. 

Learn how RESTORE is a response to Pope Francis' call for a Marriage Catechumenate.


Check out what couples are saying about RESTORE. 

“Restore was very helpful for my husband and I. It helped improve our communication, expectations, and goals for our future together. As a young married couple, it’s easy to get caught up in kids, careers, and whatever else - but Restore helped not only bring our marriage back to the center, but also our faith. It’s a fruitful program and I would recommend it to all couples!”

Y&M, Michigan

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Counseling is offered virtually for individuals or couples in the state of Georgia. Counseling can help heal emotional wounds from the past, trauma, and address struggles with anxiety or depression or other mental health issues. 

Counseling can help you break through the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual barriers that you face and help you become the individual you were created to be.



Coaching is offered to couples seeking to strengthen and grow their relationship through solution focused, skill-based, and spiritually enriching support.  

Coaching can help you and your spouse renew the hope in your marriage, restore the love and respect, and learn essential skills that enable you to break free from old patterns.

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